How Sulfora® helps Sydney blogger & holistic health advocate Stephanie achieve maximum productivity.

How Sulfora® helps Sydney blogger & holistic health advocate Stephanie achieve maximum productivity.

Sydney blogger, content creator and holistic health advocate Stephanie tells of how Sulfora® helps her maintain the energy needed to perform at her peak.

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Stephanie, tell us a bit about yourself!

I am a Sydney based blogger and content creator who teaches women to regain life balance through holistic health. I aim to educate women through my website on the importance of looking after themselves through holistic living, healthy eating and mindset motivation.

From Monday to Wednesday I create content and manage the social media for a skincare company AMPERNA®, Australia's first probiotic skincare range that aims to educate women on the importance of helping your skin from a holistic approach. From Thursday-Saturday I work for myself creating content for brands that align with my values and creating weekly articles for my audience.

In my spare time, I like to be active, outdoors in nature, reading a book or doing something creative like photography or painting.

What motivated you to try Sulfora®?

I have a healthy obsession with my work and love what I do each day, because of this I can't wait to wake up and get to work each morning and often find it hard to pull myself away from the computer.

You will generally find me working anywhere from 6 am to 8 pm at night or somewhere in between. So there are a few factors that I look for when introducing new products into my healthy lifestyle, convenience and effectiveness.

I give my body and mind foods and supplements that will help keep me alert, energised, clear-minded and focused.

This is where Sulfora® comes in! Having Sulfora® as a part of my morning routine gives me the focus and mental clarity I need to power through my days working while also giving me the energy to keep on top of moving my body daily and remaining active.

How has taking Sulfora® helped you?

I am awake at 5 am and like to be showered, dressed and ready to start work around 6-7 am as this is when I am most focused and productive. Having Sulfora® as part of my morning routine assists me in providing the energy I need to follow a strict routine for maximum productivity. Science shows that naturally, our brains are attracted to sedentary behaviours. This is why it is important to do something daily that will help combat the temptation of wanting to be lazy or feeling unmotivated.

How do you take your Sulfora®?

The first thing I do when I wake up consume a large glass of water to hydrate my body. Then I will enjoy a walk or some morning mindfulness at home with a coffee and listen to a morning podcast that will help get my mind right for the day.

This is followed by having my Sulfora® drink I make in my Sulfora® shaker just with water. I enjoy the taste as I find it quite subtle. I then finish off my morning with a glass of aloe vera juice and a green smoothie.

What's your favourite Sulfora® edition?

The Natural! I love that it is just 100% Nutraceutical-Grade Whole Broccoli Sprout Powder

Why should others try Sulfora®?

From my personal experience in using Sulfora®, I think it is great for anyone looking to help improve energy, mental clarity and focus or aid their digestion. It is important to know that Sulfora® should be used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and balanced whole foods diet to reap the benefits of what Sulfora® has to offer. Sulfora® should be looked at as a supplement to be used as a healthy lifestyle habit and not a quick fix.

What's next for you?

I have many goals moving forward and some exciting plans ahead that will help me to continue to provide advice and information to inspire people to live a balanced and holistic lifestyle. However, I am someone who also believes in quietly working on your goals so unfortunately I can't share them just yet! It will be worth the wait though.

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