How world traveller Lauren overcame severe wrist inflammation with Sulfora®

How world traveller Lauren overcame severe wrist inflammation with Sulfora®

Long-time Sulfora® customer Lauren tells her story about she used Sulfora® to help overcome severe inflammation in her wrist after a close friend recommended she try it. Find Lauren on Instagram! @lauren_forde

Lauren, tell us a bit about yourself!

In the process of moving to Byron Bay for a change of scenery. I love the outdoors, and grew up on an island, so love the beach & Byron is a no-brainer. Being close to the ocean has an incredibly positive impact on my health and wellbeing and any time spent outdoors is good for the soul. I work in the Travel Industry in Marketing, possibly the best job ever! I love thinking, selling and talking about travel 24/7 – travelling is a huge passion, I love pushing myself out of my comfort zone and experiencing new places. I am also starting my own business on the side; Coco Creative will help small businesses to get digital and build their online brand, check out @coco_creative_co if you need help with social media management, advertising and more!

What motivated you to try Sulfora®?

I have always been somewhat health-conscious and will try things that friends, or family recommend to me. I was recommend Sulfora by a close friend and wanted to see if it improved my overall energy levels and improved my ailments.

How has taking Sulfora® helped you?

I started taking Sulfora for a severe wrist issue I was having. It got to the point I was wearing a wrist brace everyday and at 30(ish) it’s embarrassing when your wrist starts failing you for no reason, especially when it impacts you just living life. I noticed a huge difference from about halfway through week 2 of taking Sulfora and haven’t looked back. In fact, I don’t even know where that wrist brace is anymore!

Why should others try Sulfora®?

Sulfora really has improved my quality of life & impacts me in ways I didn’t even know I needed a boost. If you have a specific injury – its worth a shot, but even just for general well-being I would highly recommend. I got my Mum into it too, and its helped her with immensely with her Rheumatoid Arthritis and general inflammation. She loved it so much she has stopped taking all her other supplements!

What's next for you?

If I get busy and forget to prioritize my health (aka forget to pack Sulfora when I go away) I notice the difference pretty quickly now! I am definitely committed to continuing using this product! I also find that it really helps me with brain fog and concentration, which will be vital while I establish my new business and move into a new place!

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