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Sulforaphane Studies & Trials

Sulforaphane first rose to prominence when, in 1992, a team of scientists led by renowned pharmacologist Paul Talalay from the Johns Hopkins University isolated it as a potential cancer-fighting compound.

The discovery gained worldwide media attention, with stories such as that seen in the New York Times' "Potent Chemical To Fight Cancer Seen In Broccoli."

Since then, studies and trials have been conducted around the world on sulforaphane, broccoli sprouts + their incredible effects. Here are a couple of excellent videos highlighting these benefits.

List of Studies + Trials

Below is a collection of some of these studies and trials. (Click/Tap to open)

Please note: These studies and trials are conducted on sulforaphane and/or broccoli sprouts, not on Sulfora® specifically. Sulforaphane/broccoli sprouts are naturally occurring - Sulfora® contains whole broccoli sprouts bred and optimise to yield rich amounts of sulforaphane.