How athlete Bianca improved gut health, bloating and energy levels with Sulfora®

How athlete Bianca improved gut health, bloating and energy levels with Sulfora®

Personal trainer, entrepreneur, athlete and YouTuber Bianca tells of how Sulfora® helped her improve gut health, alleviate bloating and increase energy levels. Find Bianca on Instagram! @biancabogdanovic

Bianca, tell us a bit about yourself!

I'm a fitness coach, 2x business owner, athlete and YouTuber from Canberra, Australia who's super passionate about holistic health and fitness.

I have a huge love for strength, simplicity and sunshine… Oh and fashion!! I do what I do with one simple mission in mind; to create, inspire and guide.

Fitness and living healthfully completely changed my life. I’ve experienced a lot since becoming a trainer from swimwear modelling, gracing magazines, and calendars, practising Brazilian Jujitsu to bodybuilding, fitness shoots and competing on the powerlifting platforms.

My coaching business, Stronger By B ( helps clients achieve confidence through fitness. 

It is my mission to lead women to find beauty in their strengths. To put their energy into progressively reaching new heights with their training instead of a goal number on the scales, to love their bodies for what they are capable of instead of fixating on their reflection in the mirror and to become the strongest most confident versions of themselves inside and out.

My second business, Alphee Fitness (, offers premium resistance band sets to help you strengthen, tone and stretch your entire body anytime anywhere!

You can also check out my YouTube channel here. 

What motivated you to try Sulfora®?

I was on the look out for an effective yet convenient supplement to help support my gut health - Sulfora® is exactly what I was looking for!

How has taking Sulfora® helped you?

Sulfora® has helped my bloating tremendously and also I feel much more energetic!

The improvements these two benefits alone have made to my life are fairly easy to imagine. 

It's also an excellent dietary supplement for getting in those greens. One sachet is like eating a big bowl of broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts which can I say - I’d never do because I hate 2 out of 3 of those veggies 😂  So I’m happy I can get their benefits in this simple way!

Sulfora® helps me focus even more on living life to the fullest and giving it my all when it comes to my businesses and projects. 

Why should others try Sulfora®?

If you're passionate about health and living life to the fullest extent, it's a no-brainer.

Sulfora® is simply the must-have dietary supplement, especially if you're like me and are looking to improve gut health, alleviate bloating and your increase energy levels.

Feeling inspired? Shop the Sulfora® range and experience the benefits of supercharged broccoli sprouts + sulforaphane for yourself.