How Natalie significantly improved IBS with Sulfora®

How Natalie significantly improved IBS with Sulfora®

Mum, grandmother and aspiring business owner Natalie tells of how she used Sulfora® to assist with 20+ years of IBS.

Nat, tell us a bit about yourself!

I am happily married with 3 children and 1 grandchild. Health is important to keep up with all the high achievers in my family. Plus they all need a mother.

What motivated you to try Sulfora®?

I am a long time sufferer of IBS (20+ years) and when I started Sulfora I had my doubts that it could help very much. I already consume huge amounts of greens and eat a highly delicious, mostly organic, home-cooked diet.

How has taking Sulfora® helped you?

Well at first I didn't notice much difference but after a few months I started to get less IBS episodes. By the end of the first year I was experiencing about one tenth of the previous episodes.

How do you take your Sulfora®?

I love my Sulfora in the morning, with either soda water or milk. Shake the soda water version and I feel like I'm drinking a cranberry bellini, shake the milk version and it is a delicious cranberry milk shake YUM!

What's your favourite Sulfora® edition?

Vanilla Cranberry.

Why should others try Sulfora®?

You will never know what individual benefit you will get from the sulforaphane until you try it and stick to it!

Why will you keep taking Sulfora®?

I will take it for a lifetime as it now part of my everyday health care plan. I am working towards owning my own business which requires my IBS to be well under control which is what Sulfora does for me!

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